Accommodating various learning styles

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Accommodating various learning styles

It also honours adult learners by allowing them to participate in the learning process in ways that leverage their existing strengths [1].

Adult learners “strive to become independent, self-directing, and competent; they thrive in learning environments that help them to transform their perspective and feel empowered to effect change in their lives.

The propositional content of the three-point sermon has also been challenged, as 65% of the bible is narrative compared to 10% being propositional [1].

In the postmodern era, there has been a move from being a word-based society to a more picture-based society.

How might we better understand and relate to such a media-saturated audience? The attention span of younger generations is also getting less.

Life is an ongoing process of learning and growing, and the corps as the people of God gathered together, should be a learning community.

Obviously, one of the purposes of corps Sunday services is learning, as the sermon is there to instruct people in the Christian tradition.

Adult learners are diverse and require learning programs that accommodate the full spectrum of learning needs, styles, and preferences” [3].

So we need some new methods for engaging people in a learning experience.

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