Addicted to sex prodigy chat

Posted by / 07-Nov-2015 11:59

Addicted to sex prodigy chat

for the University Counseling Center Selections from a workshop presented by Dan Socall, Ph.Sexual addiction is the term used to describe any sexual activity that feels 'out of control'.The internet itself has become a sort of addiction to me & I need to spend less time on the internet.I was trying to put up a different password for my wifi on the computer I use the most & hide the password in a tough place like my garage so I don't have easy access to it when I want to go online.Having a very high sex drive does not make you a sex 'addict'.Neither does engaging in specific sexual activities, having many partners, looking at porn or engaging in cyber-sex.This chat thing has grown over 10 years & I need to come out of this for the glory of God & for my peace & good health.

But it os happens all other phones,tv etc is all linked to one wifi password.

If there is a way to have a separate wifi password to my main computer (mac) do let me know.

I have repented over this many times but find myself slipping into this.

I have other health issues too that keeps me at home most of the time. I am hoping this is a christian site as I really need God into this for complete deliverance.

Hi, I am a christian married man but due to some wrong moves I made in life I became hooked to chatting with women on line. Sometimes I chat all night & it ends up with porn + masturbation or just masturbation.

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