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Because of their isolation, government policies, and the superiority of their culture over that of their Russian neighbors, the German Russians became a very closely knit group in Russia and, therefore, did not acquire much of the Russian culture.They have become assimilated much more rapidly in this country. Gross, who summarized in a term paper the early history of these people from the above source, as well as from a number of other books and articles.Chapter 6: A Recipe for Nationality Stew: The German Russians, pages 125-135 By Douglas Chittick Dakota Panorama, Dakota Territory Centennial Commission, published by Pine Hill Press, Freeman, South Dakota, 1961, 468 pages, hardcover.While immigrants engaged primarily in agriculture, they required a center in which to buy and sell and this prompted the small towns which dot the Territory.The failure of these Russian colonists may also be attributed to the fact that they knew they could return to their former homes where conditions were better. The colonizing Russians lacked the ingenuity to adapt themselves to the physical environment as well as to the turbulent raiding bands.

Taxes were exorbitant and the political situation gave them little hope for the future.Frequent wars had drained the economy and manpower.Ipswich, above, filled the need for the German-Russians in the Edmunds County region.The group we refer to as German Russians in South Dakota are people of German stock who were an ethnic group in Russia for about 100 years before they began coming to the United States.A brief, interesting and well documented account of the history of the German people who migrated to Russia and then to the United States is given in the book, , by George J. The lower classes lived at a bare subsistence level in Germany before the migration to Russia.

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The youth of military age had been drafted, leaving the older men to produce the food on farms.

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