Africaa sex chat

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Africaa sex chat

And you know this is a Zambia who is treating his people like this, it's just not acceptable." The investigations have revealed that the female Edgar Store workers are now fearing that the country manager is tarnishing the reputation of the organisation and fear that they are being degraded as objects by their boss.

Further, the inquiries have further identified the female employees at Levy Mall, East Mall branch and South Gate Mall who are currently involved with Simunika.

Perhaps government can intervene and protect the female employees working for the store," the source said.

"One of the most recent incidents is where he was having a sex chat with one of his girlfriends and he took pictures of himself naked then sent to that girl friend.

Surprisingly, this girl has been showing the photo to people in the store and it is now going around among the employees.

I think this is sex harassment and it should not be tolerated.

He has been causing a lot of fights among the employees who claim to be his girlfriend.

I think this is just too much and it would be good if this issue is exposed.

Some are mere employee while others have suspiciously promoted.

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Although some ladies have been transferred to the newly opened branches of Edgars, they are still involved with Simunika including married women. Distributed by All Africa Global Media (all