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Will anyone care enough to gossip about Phelps' love life in a year?

He is able able to consume well over 9,000 calories daily because he trains so fucking much and is known to swim for food.

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has, for now, made that critical flip-turn into full-blown celebritydom.

That means we suddenly all officially care about who the gold-metal-dapppled 23-year-old is dating, assuming we weren't already obsessed with such questions the moment we saw his chiseled Olympic bod.

Regardless of the possibility of getting IRL b& from the 'Lympics (because pot is a performance enhancing drug, right), it is clear that Phelps very much enjoyed doping... If there wasn't a reason to sue somebody before, Phelps has a reason.

The current rumors have Phelps linked with Lily Donaldson, pictured left, the 21-year-old English model who displaced Kate Moss at Burberry.They also have him snogging with Amanda Beard, pictured right, who like Phelps took home gold from the 2004 Olympics but who had less success in Beijing, failing to reach the finals. Michael Fred Phelps (srsly) is an unhuman beast and LOLympian. The exuberant dance of victory -- arms thrust toward the sky and chests puffed out at a defeated opponent -- turns out to be an instinctive trait of all primates, humans included, according to research released last Thursday.There are rumors circulating that phelps is actually part zora, but you would like that wouldn't you? After a failed attempt to become a gay porn star, and working the streets since he was 10, Phelps was picked up by a John who also happened to be a swim coach.

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On August 16th, 2008 he had Phelps was reported on January 31, 2009 through the shitty celebrity magazine "News of the World" to have been caught on camera smoking weed, which could put future participation in sporting events in jeopardy.