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Now he was obliged to observe that methods of arranging materials (involving selection and omission) were the same in the Sumerian King List as in Hegel's philosophy of history (ibid.).

For Voegelin, the output of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a manifestation of modern Gnosticism.

He opposed philosophers of the modern Continental tradition, notably Hegel and Marx.

A Problem of Exegesis In the fourth volume of his, p.

Some readers had anticipated a history of Christianity as the logical outcome of the earlier volumes, but this was not to be.

He resisted any implication that John was a type of Gnostic.

The Christian exponent had formerly assumed that pagans "could never rise above the conception of a cyclical time" (ibid., p.

Yet all he actually supplies is a distinction "between the essential core and the variable part of a Gnostic system" (ibid.).

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Voegelin was also disquieted by the acknowledgment of New Testament scholars that the Gospel of John exhibited Gnostic influences or tendencies (ibid., p.