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Bay, the Puerta Rican baby, winds up with a rich white suburban family, while Daphne, the white baby, winds up with the alcoholic Puerto Rican single mother.

Then, sixteen years later a DNA test, prompted by Bay, who has always felt out of place in the suburbs, reveals the switch.

So Daphne, now deaf after getting meningitis as a baby, and her mom Regina, now sober, move into the wealthy family’s house so the girls and their requisite parents can get to know each other. The representation and discussion of deafness is central to the plot, and generally seems much more interesting than anything else I have seen where deafness on television is concerned.

Particularly, the show insists that being deaf is not a disability, but just a difference.

To this end, a significant portion of the show focuses on the deaf community and is in sign language with subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Instead of having deaf characters as side characters and integrated into the hearing community, for example Marlee Matlin’s character on .

The show is careful to consider that the deaf community may not want to be integrated into the hearing community.

For example, the two moms represent two differing poles: Kathryn (Lea Thompson of fame) is the uptight white suburban housewife, while Regina is Puerto Rican, a recovering alcoholic, artsy and passionate, and a single mom. And what we learn from the show is that these qualities are genetic.

That is, that despite being raised in an uptight white suburban home, Bay’s passionate and artistic nature cannot be tamed.

However, as much as I want to like this show, I find myself at times uncomfortable with the racial politics of Switched at Birth.

At once, I think they are trying almost too hard to defy stereotypes; however, it just doesn’t seem to work in their favor.

is pretty well intentioned as television shows go—it tries really hard to be family oriented, embrace and represent diversity, and promote awareness about disability, and specifically deafness.

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If you have never seen it, Switched at Birth is about exactly what the title suggests: two baby girls, Bay and Daphne, are switched at birth in the hospital.

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