Are you dating a car salesman

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The vehicle sales industry does, unfortunately, attract the occasional fraudulent dealer―a fact which forces the DMV to regulate all dealerships very closely.

For a thorough and comprehensive explanation of the regulations, download the DMV's Motor Vehicle Dealers & Transporters Regulations (Form CR-78) document.

If you sell cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, or other types of motor vehicles, you are expected to know all the ins and outs of the legislation surrounding this industry.

Under certain circumstances, the New York Division of Division of Vehicle Safety Services may grant permission to temporarily man a booth or desk at another location (such as a vehicle fair or trade show) and sell cars from there.

Certificates of sale (Form MV-50): See our Dealer Forms page for how to use the NY DMV MV-50 Retail/MV-50W Wholesale Order Form (Form VS-144I).

Displays and signs: The business certificate issued by the DMV must be prominently displayed at the dealership.

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You must also have a permanent sign or window lettering, conspicuously placed, that gives the name of your business.

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