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They are often, but not always, also highly intelligent — and the vast majority of them are men.Oh, and their sense of humor tends to be a bit droll; much like the young wizards-in-training at Hogwarts might refer to ordinary humans as “Muggles,” many Aspergians refer to non-Aspergians as “NTs” (for “neurotypicals”).

Other common traits include: physical awkwardness and a dislike of loud sounds — in other words, most people diagnosed with Asperger’s aren’t big rock music fans.Sensory issues, such as disliking specific fabrics or types of clothes, helps explain the peculiar fashion sense particular to many Aspergians.In romance, they’re straightforward, faithful and flat-out incapable of cheating on someone.“We are honest, and we can be very affectionate,” says Rudy Simone of upstate New York, and she should know.They’re just as varied as the rest of us are — they can be happy or sad, mean or gentle, petty or generous.

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When it comes to love, some couldn’t care less, while others fall as hard as Romeo or Juliet did.

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