Avoid making poor choices while dating jack wagner and ashley jones dating

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Avoid making poor choices while dating

Take this example: It's easier to play a high-stakes game of poker if you pretend you're gambling for matchsticks instead of recognizing that the chips on the table represent a million dollars.The lower stakes don't alarm the brain quite so much, and the poker player is able to focus and make better decisions.Gratification over the long term simply doesn't deliver the same instant, feel-good endorphin hit.

If everything is as it should be, our decision-making process goes like this: We determine what we want to achieve, and then the value of achieving it.Next, we look at our options and decide which one will suit us best. The stress of making the decision can be what sets us up for failure.When faced with a decision in life -- big or small -- we try to make the best choice.But sometimes, despite our good intentions, we make bad choices.Humans are highly motivated to avoid making choices they regret.

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