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December 2015 Showing you how desperate for fame some of the Teen Mom hangers on are, this Teen Mom had sex with the long time boyfriend of her supposed best friend.The best friend ended up breaking up with the guy, but wanted so desperately to remain on the show that she gave the Teen Mom a pass.This battle started off shaky but ended strong, with both dynamite ladies embodying the empowerment anthem's fighting spirit. Maybe it wasn't as as the whole Dawn & Hawkes fiasco, but it was still a surprise. Melissa Jimenez These two sang Alicia Keys's "Girl on Fire" (alternately known as "Girl on Fi-Yah"), and it was pretty obvious which contestant lived up to the song's title.Maybe "Voice" honcho Mark Burnett decided Dawn & Hawkes were way too similar to recent "X Factor" champions Alex & Sierra, another real-life romantic reality couple with a hipster-folksy sound. Anyway, Kat's performance style was big and blustery; Dawn & Hawkes were sweet and strummy.The KT song was more in the latter's wheelhouse; Dawn & Hawkes sounded like pure sonic sunshine harmonizing together, while Kat sounded like some drunken "Rock of Ages" chorus line singer bumrushing their intimate coffeehouse concert and basically screaming a Meat Loaf song at them.September 12, 2016 This A list mostly movie actress who does some television now is an Academy Award winner/nominee apparently never performs oral sex.This according to two different exes who say she always refuses.

But after high praise like that, it seemed like Dawn & Hawkes were frontrunners, and nothing short of giving an epically awful performance a la Season 2's Erin Martin or Season 3's Beat Frequency would keep them out of the top 20 Playoffs. Sure, master strategist/snake-oil salesman Adam may have laid it on a bit thick, as he often does, in order to woo to the twosome to his team.Not long ago, Adam Levine declared the audition by Austin duo Dawn & Hawkes his FAVORITE PERFORMANCE IN "VOICE" HISTORY. Better than Juliet Simms's phenomenal "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World." Better than Amanda Brown belting "Dream On." Better than anything Team Adam's winning contestant Tessanne Chin sang last season. (Apologies for the spoiler if you'd planned to keep on reading, but hey, Carson Daly has spoiled the Battle Rounds results all season long, so…)What happened? That wasn't the ' fault, of course; by process of elimination on this final Battle Rounds night, they'd simply wound up together by default. But then, on Monday — only before the Playoffs — Dawn & Hawkes shockingly got the boot. Dawn & Hawkes The brassy, sassy, lip-pieced rock chick and the lip-locked folk duo took on KT Tunstall's Wal-Mart-appropriated "Suddenly I See," and this was a bit of a mismatch.WINNER: Kat Perkins TEAM SHAKIRA: Clarissa Serna vs.

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Dani Moz Clarissa the frontrunning diva and Dani the montage victim (who, despite her surname, is sadly not related to Morrissey) did Pink's "Perfect." And while I'd assumed that Clarissa would mop the stage floor with Dani, I think they both did a close-to-perfect job here.