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Like the girl I saw this weekend all decked out in her Coachella outfit…except Coachella is not in NYC.” “Bitches that wear Michael Kors purses, fake leather coats, that don’t take risks, can’t dance, and still talk mad shit about other girls in their mid 20s. also bitches who aren’t feminists and care way too much what guys think about them.” OK, so for those of you scoring at home, a Basic Bitch is a girl who dresses in a Coachella outfit despite not being at Coachella, only she puts a fake leather jacket over the outfit, sways off beat to music, refuses the advances of every guy that approaches her, and talks shit about every other girl that walks by. Both of my friends seem to think that being a Basic Bitch is a bad thing. But then I saw this hilarious video from College Humor in which they parody what it means to be a Basic Bitch, and decided that this was my favorite interpretation of the term, and not just because David Puddy is Jesus. I’ll admit, I never heard the term until a few days ago. From what I understand, the term dates all the way back to 2010 when a rapper named Lil Duval made a song about what it means to be a “Basic Bitch.” I haven’t listened to rap since Coolio died, so I completely missed the Lil Duval train, or I would have been on this shit years ago. Sorry if I made you Google it.) Anyway, “basic bitch” has now fully integrated itself into the world of blogging and white people, so now I can finally try to understand what it means.My first introduction to the term came in the form of this article from NY Magazine, in which they chronicle the origin of the term and how it’s transformed over the years.The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a wildly entertaining television program. I’d take a Basic Bitch over a Crazy Bitch or a Bad Bitch any day of the week, because at least with a Basic Bitch I know what to expect.And because it’s OK to be a Basic Bitch, it’s also OK to make fun of what it means to be one.So, using Basic Bitch interchangeably with “typical girl,” I came up with a quick list of 20 ways you know you are dating/dealing with/actually are a Basic Bitch.If any of these should happen to describe you—or if you’re a dude or lesbian, the person you’re dating—just remember you should be perfectly fine with it.

Some Basic Bitches look fantastic in their sexy nurse Halloween costumes.If you’re asking me to define it, I guess to me a basic bitch is a girl with no original thoughts or quirks.A basic bitch is a girl who uses the term “basic bitch” because it’s “in.” She could be the girl who tries way too hard to be trendy.It helped me understand the general concept of the Basic Bitch, but I still wasn’t satisfied. At first I thought it was funny that people were calling girls “basic,” because it’s super harsh and also it’s always kind of funny when white people say things they hear in rap songs.So I asked a couple of my female friends what they thought it meant to be a Basic Bitch. But now I’m so sick of it, and “basic bitch” basically (puns) means nothing and is not funny anymore because it’s so overused.

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– When on vacation, does she post a point-of-view picture looking out into the ocean, with a fruity umbrella drink on her right and the caption, “not a bad (insert whatever weekday it is here)”?

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