Boss subordinate dating

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Boss subordinate dating

Ultimately you could be choosing between love and your career, so before you make the first move, or reciprocate your superior’s advances, heed these reasons not to date your boss. Colleague Out-Cast Nothing will alienate you faster from your co-workers than going to bed with the boss.

Either you have to keep it a secret, tainting your work-based friendships with deceit, or you tell all and suffer their disapproval.

Online Alternative When people spend a lot of time at work the pool of singles in the office may be the only potential dates they meet.

Joining a free online dating site can open up a whole world of eligible people, who you don’t have to face over the water cooler every day.

Subordinate: I appreciate that, but I think I’m worth more, and I have financial commitments…yadda, yadda, yadda, some words that mean you are a responsible adult worthy of a grown-up pay packet.

And this goes back and forth a few times until a reasonable increase is decided. Break Up Fall Out If dating your boss is bad, breaking up with your boss is worse.

Many will also alter their opinion about the boss, so it’s not just your career that suffers but their’s too. No Safe Sounding Board After a tough day at work, many people like to come home, pour a glass of wine and spend ten minutes venting about their idiot boss to their loved one. What happens if the dearly beloved you come home to is your idiot boss? Calling your mother or friends won’t work either, because they will not want to get caught in the middle of this muddled mess you have made for yourself. Merit vs Favouritism You will never be sure whether praise, promotion or pay rises have been earned on merit or awarded in favouritism.

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