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Brendan fraser dating 2016

Yes, she married a Hollywood celebrity like herself.Caption: The wedding photo of Afton Smith and her then-husband Brendan. Afton Smith married American-Canadian actor Brendan Fraser in 1998 after dating him for four years.

The couple went well to an extent and later ended in chaos.Although he was certainly busy with TV engagements and movies, he was not in demand at that moment, it ! When the couple divorced, his net worth was estimated to be only million. In 2013, Afton hit back with more allegations shortly after Brendan’s request made the news claiming that he was hiding his money and was still more than capable to continue his alimony payments. Afton stated that the alimony could only be reduced once Brendan earned less than million a year and that hadn’t been the case, according to her.But she will always be remembered as Brendan Fraser’s ex-wife and rightly so.The proof behind it is Afton demanding 0k per year from her former husband as part of a divorce deal.It wasn't that long ago when Brendan Fraser's headlining films racked up hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

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Now it seems like he's hardly able to solidify a role that actually comes to fruition.