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It’s the only job where you can show up for work in your pajamas.” He’s looking forward to watching the episode with his 3-year-old daughter, Sylvia. ’ and think I’m just pointing at some random bird and claiming it’s me.” Check out this clip from the episode.

They want Ward and Skye back together is my first cartoon and I loved it.

vet Nestor Carbonell), Talon (Dalton), Skully (series regular David Arquette) and Swifty (Bennet)—joining forces to find a platinum feather that could lead them to a hidden treasure.

“This is much more me—lighter, funnier, goofier—than the grim badass thing I do on ,” Dalton says.

“I have no idea how Brett and I wound up in the same episode.

Nobody ever told us, but it can’t be a coincidence.

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He appears to be a straightforward hero, but I’m guessing there are some quirks and some complexities people might not expect? And there’s some unexpected stuff that happens, too. I probably wouldn’t have learned how to ride a motorcycle on my own or fire a pistol, how to punch people the right way if it weren’t for the show.