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When possible the teacher will be placed in an assignment they are credentialed to teach and then returned to the prior position at the end of their original approved leave.

If a teacher qualifies for and accepts FMLA/CFRA benefits during the unpaid child rearing leave but then for any reason does not return to work, the teacher will be billed for the costs of those benefits retroactively.

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BCAAUP Chapter Meeting Minutes October 29, 2013 BCAAUP Chapter Meeting Draft Minutes September 21, 2012 Meeting began at 4pm with about 25 faculty in attendance, including BCAAUP Executive Board members Susan Michalczyk, Lynn Johnson, Michael Malec, Mike Kelly and Hiroshi Nakazato.

Standard Insurance is available through EGEA/CTA and not EGUSD.

Contact EGEA (916-685-4588) and/or Standard Insurance (1-800-522-0406) to re-enroll in disability insurance.

The meeting began with a review by Susan Michalczyk (BCAAUP President) of the summer’s activities and updates on correspondence from BCAAUP to various administrators on topics addressed during last semester: Belfast, status of adjunct faculty (Shea), BC finances.

Qualified employees may elect to accept up to 12 weeks of medical benefit coverage under provisions of FMLA/CFRA.The 12 week count begins the first week of the month following the medical leave end date.Teachers are encouraged to contact Benefits and Payroll to discuss the effect an unpaid child rearing leave will have on their salary and benefits.There may be a cost for medical benefits while on unpaid child rearing leave depending on the medical coverage employees selected during open enrollment.Their salary may be impacted as well when they return.

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When an employee returns from unpaid leave of absence it is their responsibility to contact Payroll and Benefits to re-enroll in any voluntary deductions, which includes disability income protection premiums (Standard Insurance).

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