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Everything that goes wrong for TNA gets placed on her shoulders.

Whenever something positive happens, Dixie is overlooked as fans refuse to give her an ounce of credit.

Some positive TNA news for a change as Dixie Carter has now announced that Impact Wrestling will move to POP TV, according to a report from Wrestling Inc.

Since an announcement on a new television deal had not been made, many were under the assumption that Carter was not doing anything about it.The truth is that she spent a good amount of time and effort in finding the right deal and the right network for Impact Wrestling. It’s the biggest project of her career, so she knows this is what people are going to judge her on.A substantial number of the promotion’s fans doubted that management could keep things afloat, and TNA’s demise was predicted by the masses.Many felt that when the company’s contract with Destination America ended in 2016, there would be one less professional wrestling promotion in the United States. Over the years, the internet wrestling community has given Carter a hard time.The deal with POP TV means that we should get at least another year of TNA.

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The promotion would have struggled mightily without having a weekly television show.

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