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Cell validating e cancel

An early FDA points-to-consider (PTC) guidance on characterization of cell lines for producing biologicals (1) outlined many MCB and WCB characterization requirements that were later adopted into ICH Q5D for production cell lines (2).

Although the strategy for preparing cell banks is clearly defined by regulators for cells used to produce biotechnology products, it is less clear what strategies should be applied to cells that are used solely as part of analytical or bioanalytical test methods.Cells are sensitive to innumerable chemical and physical elements that can alter expression of their cellular proteome and change growth characteristics or responsiveness to ligands/biopharmaceuticals.Establishment and characterization of homogeneous, stable cell banks are necessary to ensure that starting cellular material for each assay is as consistent as possible.In the absence of clarifying information about the significant differences in intended use between production cell lines and those used for analytical/bioanalytical methods, some laboratories choose to apply the entirety of the PTC guidance to both.Conversely, others fail to establish cell banks at all for analytical use, severely jeopardizing the desired state of assay control.

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The US Pharmacopeia recently published a suite of chapters — provide a general outline for MCB and WCB preparation; however, specific details are not provided to assist laboratories with the less obvious but still critical aspects of creating, characterizing, and storing MCBs and WCBs.