Christian dating advice focus family

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Christian dating advice focus family

How will you beat the odds against a successful remarriage?How will you go the distance, as others fall by the wayside?Unfortunately, Scripture doesn't give us specific guidance for dating.This is even more true for those dating after death or divorce of a spouse.God was certainly involved when Esther married the king and, through that relationship, helped God's people (Esther ).A careful reading of these accounts confirms that these people used personal responsibility in finding their mates.Are there ways to reduce the risk of failure and improve marital happiness in remarriage?

For everyone who asks, receives; he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened" (Lk. The dating process is the first step toward separating wheat from chaff in helping you make a responsible and wise choice before God about whom you remarry; someone with whom to share your vision and commitment to make the relationship .Even so, we do see God's hand in leading people to each other.For example, God was active in opening the door for the servant of Abraham when he sought a wife for Isaac (Gen. God was part of the process that brought Ruth (a widow) and Boaz together (Ruth 1-4).Abraham's servant traveled, prayed, spoke to Laban and Bethuel and made decisions that positioned him where God could introduce him to Rebekah.The answers are simple (although living it out is not so easy): You must allow God to lead and guide you to find a Getting acquainted with prospective remarriage partners through dating and courtship is a major key in determining the bond you will have in remarriage.

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This is why it is so important not to rush this critical phase of the relationship.