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It can also be difficult for prosecutors to prove the extent of loss, which affects the type of penalties that may be applied.

Despite these challenges, prosecutors are often very aggressive at prosecuting people they believe violated the law and committed fraud online.

Internet banking fraud has become increasingly common as banks move away from branch banking and move more functionality online.

Internet banking fraud can take myriad forms, but typically starts with phishing to obtain account information from customers.

Internet banking fraud can lead not only to charges for computer crimes, but also for other offenses including: Internet bank fraud offenses are common crimes, and with banks reporting more than billion each year in fraudulent transactions.

The was passed in 1986 to amend the Counterfeit Access Device and Abuse Act.

The goal of the amendment was to make it easier for authorities to prosecute new crimes arising with the expansion of computer use. Prohibited behaviors under this act include: General federal fraud laws and New York fraud laws may also apply to online fraud.

Email and telephone scams can be used to obtain pin numbers, login information for online banking, and account numbers.

Many types of online fraud cases are prosecuted under provisions of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U. In many cases, a single act of Internet crime could potentially give rise to myriad federal and state charges.The different charges that you face will depend upon the type of online fraud you are accused of committing.Internet fraud cases are often complex cases because alleged victims may be spread across the United States.It can be difficult for prosecutors to assemble witnesses from disparate locations during an Internet fraud trial.If you are accused of an Internet fraud offense, you have legal rights.

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