Danish dating customs disadvantages of dating an old man

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It is the job of the groom to purchase the bridal bouquet.

The night before the wedding the bride and groom are supposed to sleep separately.

It is a way of symbolically wishing the new couple fertility.

The bride needs to wear four things: something new, old, borrowed and blue.

And if the bride is young the guests of the wedding may insist on seeing that she is wearing all four things (typical pervert Danish humour :-)).

However, many couples in Denmark prefer a secular wedding at the city hall with a party afterwards.

Once the church wedding ceremony (or city hall) is finished the couple leaves the church together and is greeted outside by friends throwing rice (not cooked) at them.

In the article below you get an idea about what a traditional Danish wedding entails in terms of customs and traditions.

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Traditionally the man proposes to his girlfriend, but they buy the wedding rings together (and usually share the cost).

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  1. More common forms are “disengaging” (a distracted or preoccupied partner) or "stonewalling" (a partner who refuses to accept anyone else’s perspective).