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To start the process and that may take a while depending on the size of the Mailbox Databases that are being restored (I’m sorry, we are talking of Windows Server Backup, so in fact we are restoring the entire volume, thus all mailbox databases that we have in it).

Figure 02 Since we have been protecting our Exchange Server using Windows Server Backup (as shown in the seventh article of this series), we can open Windows Server Backup and then click on Recover… Note: Since this server was just recovered, the Windows Server Backup may not have been installed, and if that is the case, we need to install the feature before continuing.

Figure 03 In the folder and a new window with the volume (in our case M:) and two items will be listed.

Figure 01 As soon as the server restarts from the recovery process, we will notice that all mailbox databases are dismounted (Figure 02), and at this point we should have all drive letters but without any mailbox database files on them.

We can always check the properties of the mailbox databases to make sure that the path defined on the Mailbox Database object exists on the server.

In this scenario, we are going to restore the Mailbox Databases to their original location.

This type of recovery is often used when the only server that you have crashed, and you restored the Exchange Server using the switch (we cover this process on the sixth article of this series) and now it is time to restore the Mailbox data that was being protected previously with Windows Server Backup.

Let’s say that we have the administrator mailbox with two items on its Inbox, as shown in Figure 01, and then all of a sudden the Exchange Server crashed.

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Well, the first action is to perform the recovery of the server (covered on the article number 6 of this series), and then we need to restore the Exchange Mailbox Databases.