Dating a 17 year old girl

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Dating a 17 year old girl

There are legal considerations of course--for example, in some states it is actually statutory rape for even an 18-year-old to have sex with a 17-year-old.

IMO, there are some ages where say, a four year spread is huge, versus other times in life when four years makes little difference. When you talk to teen girls, many times you'll hear about the "immaturity" of guys their age.This may be true--boys tend to mature slower than girls--but does that make it okay for teenage girls to see older guys?The girl is my sister and I know that she's been dating him for about five months.I try to sway her away from the idea that she'll be with him forever. I personally don't see the problem with it, you can't put an age limit on feelings.

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Just don't forget the under 18 situation (I'm sure her parents sure won't).

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