Dating a man who just got out of prison online photo chat dating

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Robert: I was standing there with my brother and a close friend and I looked at her and we kind of met eyes and I told those two, "That's gonna be my girl one of these days." They were just looking at me like, "You don't even know her name! Jenee: We met in 2000 at a correctional facility where I was a corrections officer and he was an inmate.

He did some drug dealing when he was younger and things happened and someone tried to rob him and he shot the guy. I felt like the man did his crime and he's doing his time and he deserves a second chance.

He knew what he was gonna do, he knew what the consequences were, and he dealt with them, and the process assisted him in growing up a lot and developing who he is today. Did you worry about it at all, Robert, being able to impress upon her that you were a different person? If you ask me, I'll tell you, no matter what the consequences are; all you gotta do is ask.

So given I felt some kind of vibe, I kept my distance. I had access to the national database so I could pull up everything about him, and I did.

I read stuff and in getting to know him, I discovered he was so consistent in who he was and what he said and how he behaved.

filmed a spotlight on Johnson's post-prison life, showing him interacting with technology, new foods, and public transportation.

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It also delves into his personal life, with Johnson discussing his relationship to his family and his attitude towards having been incarcerated.

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