Dating advice shy singles yahoo who is responsible for updating a strategic plan

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Dating advice shy singles yahoo

Just joined this site and curious to seed what's available on it.I've been living alone for the past four years and had no significant other during those years so I'm ready to see who I might meet and connect with.what a shame evertsite has to be invaded with scammers this sight is intended for-seniors :)- dont understand the young ones on here-kidding-i do know why -and if anyone thinks they really are interested in a senior-needs to wake up and smell the coffee-but as the saying goes-to each their own-have a great day everyone :)Unfortunately the entire World is filled with scammers ..but yes it is sad, some people just have no integrity at all :-( I see you are in Jax ..Any site like this depends on the people joining, it isn't the site itself that's at fault.Personally, i wish there was more action/interaction from the more mature and hopefully sincere members on here.

I'm happy living in this senior housing complex and i LOVE this town!! i am also seeking for the same in a man, well, do u have access to yahoo or any email address so we could talk more and more to know eachother better.. Nice profile well why not check out my profile and let see if things can work out between us...i believe it will work out if only you can give me the chance to make you happy at all time hope to hear from you soonyeah there are serious men in this site.i will love to know you you have a talk on yahoo instant messanger ok this [email protected] me and then we can start talking okay I think the younger ones on this site are looking for older rich men or woman to scam..

easy prey they think,,single and looking for love ,, some older guy is going to fall for this .

I live near Daytona, used to live at Jax Beach and Riverside some years back.

I just read some of the comments and found it so sad.

To you ALL...i wish you a good day and better tomorrows.

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Judy Wow, i just noticed not one response, including mine, was ON TOPIC! ON TOPIC: Sorry, i don't know anything about retirement communities.