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They play the value game, trying to demonstrate their higher value – DHVs in PUA lingo – by taking on outward trappings of what they assume high-value people are like.

They will stretch the truth about their jobs in an attempt to look more glamorous – implying that they’re a professional poker player for example or that work as an AR scout for a record label when in reality they place the orders for their local Barnes and Noble.

They may pool their money for bottle service at a club and try to create the image that they’re high-rollers.

They may try the common tactic of trying to show interest in women while looking like they could care less; after all, a “high-value” man wouldn’t tip his hand and show how invested he is in one particular woman.

They may dress like MMA fighters when they can’t throw a punch or rockstars despite having never so much as touched a musical instrument since their parents quit taking them to piano lessons in the 2nd grade.

They will tell stories about their stripper ex-girlfriends who got crazy jealous or talk about the model they used to date.

In the course of trying to get better at dating, there will inevitably be times where someone in your life is going to give you what is possibly the most useless dating advice ever: “Just be yourself”.They may experiment with the presentation of their sexuality – dialing it back to create the image of being more innocent or pretending to be more sexually forward than they are – in order to conform to the perception of how women are “supposed” to be.The problem is that “just be yourself” is a cop-out, handed out so freely that it’s become what we say when we don’t have anything else to offer. After all, if you’re swallowing your ego and going to people asking for advice on attracting women or men, it’s a pretty damn good sign that whatever you’re doing already isn’t working. they’re Too often when people are trying to get better at dating, they spend a lot of time trying to be something other than who we are.They may spend a lot of time trying to portray ourselves as “high status” even when they aren’t.Many may use lines and pre-scripted routines from well-thumbed copies of The Game or PUA forums to create the impression that they’re cooler, funnier and more confident than they really are – borrowing from the idea that if you can’t dazzle them with your scintillating wit and charm, you can always baffle them with your bullshit.

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Women, on the other hand, may try to play down their actual intelligence or be less assertive in order to avoid intimidating men.