Dating before marriage in india

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Dating before marriage in india

What then is the big deal about virginity and how does this kind of a mentality hamper the lives of numerous women?

According to Dr Mahindra Vatsa, gynaecologist and sex counsellor, this kind of mentality is largely because our traditional values are still strongly embedded in us.

In fact, these days, couples who are in a relationship have no qualms about getting sexually intimate with each other even though there may be no guarantee that the relationship will culminate into marriage.

However, when it does come to the question of marriage, especially in the case of arranged marriages, a woman with a sexually active history still raises eyebrows and sets tongues wagging.

Some women are born without it, there there are those for whom it is so elastic that it never ruptures while for some it is so fragile that a slightly intense activity may have ruptured it without them even realising it.

According to him, it's just the man's and his family's inflated ego that results in such unrealistic demands.

But times are changing and for an increasing number of young men and women, sex is no longer the kind of taboo that it earlier used to be.

And much to our older generation's charging, pre-marital sex is a definite reality of our times.

From time immemorial a woman's virginity has been her prized possession.

Throughout history one will read about cultures across the world placing a high value on a a woman's virginity.

"Once a couple is engaged, it's like a license for marriage so they feel they can do anything," he opines. However, I still get men who complain to me saying that the wife did not bleed on the first night and hence, they suspect that she's not a virgin.

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The truth is that the presence of the hymen which ruptures (resulting in the bleeding) is not a sure shot sign of virginity.

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