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Spark Fire Dance’s spectacular fire acts have been performed throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.Spark Fire Dance regards both the safety of its spectators and performing artists as priority without question.Safety warning: Temple of Poi hereby informs you of your individual responsibility to seek adequate knowledge and safety information to qualify you to spin fire.You are advised to seek appropriate educational knowledge on fire tools and safety techniques, including but not limited to safety precautions; legality of fire permits in your local jurisdiction; appropriate fuel storage, containment, and transport; safety personnel and fire equipment extinguishment; fire tool disposal; and all other aspects of fire safety as related to fire dancing.This company of cutting-edge fire performers, directed by Dan Miethke and Stephanie Hoeggerl, will entrance you with their contemporary fire dancing and martial arts, all set to stunning music soundtracks. While Spark Fire Dance is based in the United Kingdom, the company’s performances are available worldwide.Perhaps you think you’ve “seen-it-all,” but you’ve never seen anything quite like a Spark Fire Dance performance!

For two years, he had the position of both lead fire artist and fire coach for the ZAi A show.Located in the Spiritual Warriors Camp at Zen Awakening Festival our fire performers consist of over 50 of the best fire performers, jugglers and spinners.Although fire is always daunting and seemingly untamable, our fire jugglers and spinners will exhibit enormous skill and control as they juggle multiple batons set on fire, throwing and catching them with amazing dexterity and ease.As flame effects consultant, fire coach, and fire tech trainer to Franco Dragone Entertainment Group and Cirque du Soleil Sparks directors have the experience to ensure an unparalleled performance with no sacrifice to safety and venue security.Performing more than 1,000 fire acts on Cirque du Soleil’s stage, creating breathtaking and unique new special effects.

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