Dating in the countryside

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The mentality of an African or Asian women is utterly different. The thought that working in the rural and agriculture requires no education is false.

The Ukraine still occupies the head positions for the amount of people with higher education (over 37%).

Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba or Nova Scotia ladiesare less numerous, are not heated by the farm work and insufficientearnings.

The only settlement is an international marriage with girls from other countries, where women girls living in rural areas are more numerous, more acquainted to work in the country, more interested in a traditional family. A Russian or Ukrainian bride lives in a social, historical and cultural environment similar to that of Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia.

A “Kissing Gates” is a traditional gate hung in a U or V shape that allows one person to pass at a time.

Living in the countryside he saw local country pubs closing and a dramatic increase in divorces, because of these factors Kissing was founded and generated a lot of press and media interest.

Moreover plane tickets to Ukraine are less expensive and safer than travel to Africa or Asia.

After twelve years of excellent results in Dating between Western guys and Russian and Ukrainian ladies we are commencing a new programm.

It is oriented to lonely farmers in Quebec and Canada and girls from Russia and Ukraine from village community or having a profession suited to rural areas: (veterinarian, milking etc.)The reason is that there are 35% more not married gentlemen in countryside compared to cities. Because the situation in Ukraine is absolutely different - the majority of bachelors in rural areas are women Because there are lots of guys in countryside territories seeking on Google: on-line dating for farmers or farming dating It is hard to solve the problem of farmer dating with localresources in Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or New Brunswick.

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Kissing was founded in 2007 and had several member marriages and happy couples using market leading dating software.