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Gerontologists have recognized the very different conditions that people experience as they grow older within the years defined as old age.

Old people often have limited regenerative abilities and are more susceptible to disease, syndromes, and sickness than younger adults. At what age old age begins cannot be universally defined because it differs according to the context most developed world countries have accepted the chronological age of 65 years as a definition of 'elderly' or older person.The organic process of ageing is called senescence, Definitions of old age include official definitions, sub-group definitions, and four dimensions as follows. The United Nations has agreed that 60+ years may be usually denoted as old age and this is the first attempt at an international definition of old age.Therefore, rather than lumping together all people who have been defined as old, some gerontologists have recognized the diversity of old age by defining sub-groups.One study distinguishes the young old (60 to 69), the middle old (70 to 79), and the very old (80+).Old age comprises "the later part of life; the period of life after youth and middle age . However, for its study of old age in Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) set 50 as the beginning of old age.

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At the same time, the WHO recognized that the developing world often defines old age, not by years, but by new roles, loss of previous roles, or inability to make active contributions to society.

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