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Dating paypal in haiti

In 2010, Haiti suffered an earthquake that killed about 22,000 of its people.

Such natural disasters we cannot control, but what we can do is make a difference by lending our help out to our fellow brothers and sisters.

We will be sending the funds to a trusted Haitian organization.

As it was last reported, this hurricane has left over 800 people in Haiti dead, and the death toll continues to rise.

Through Hands Together, a non-profit organization that works to feed the poorest of the poor in Haiti, we have enabled you to feed starving children without taking a step outside your home.

For each purchase you make, we will automatically donate the specified amount of meals to the people who need it most.

100% of the revenue generating by the sales of these hooded sweat shirts will go directly toward this initiative.

Please join the fight against hunger, and remember: every hand helps!The vision of The White Flag Movement regarding Haiti is that we would send 21,000 bottles of water to the people who are without clean water due to the Hurricane.This fundraiser is to help raise funds for the people of Haiti.All of the proceeds will go to Haiti as it is currently undergoing recovery after being hit recently by Hurricane Matthews.Please take the time and consideration to donate for this cause by purchasing a t-shirt and/or donating to other charities that directly benefit Haiti.

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