Dating words to say

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Dating words to say

Donald Trump is a developer who pays what he would call “very, very smart people” to build things on his behalf.

There are very few occasions in American political discourse that require the input of a structural engineer, but when Donald Trump took a question from Univision’s Jorge Ramos regarding his proposed United States-Mexico border wall at a press conference on August 25, I heard the clarion call: RAMOS: How are you going to build a 1,900-mile wall? On the other hand, human beings have built a 2,000-mile-long frontier wall exactly one time. And it was accomplished only through a centuries-long building campaign that necessitated the forced labor of millions of Chinese peasants. What’s more complicated is building a building that’s 95 stories tall. There are at least 30 buildings that have reached a height of 95 stories or more, according to the obsessively detailed database at Skyscraper, and there are even more in the design phase or under construction.The finished product would probably be acceptable, but construction would be outrageously labor intensive and therefore costly. While it is cheap and readily available, it can be easily penetrated by a pair of wire cutters, an angle grinder, an oxy-acetylene torch, or just a Chevy going really fast.Even though extant barrier sections along the border make use of wire mesh, the United States Border Patrol is constantly battling to repair breaches and, as stated above, this kind of barrier really falls into the category of “fence.” That leaves concrete.The wall should reach about five feet underground to deter tunneling, and should terminate about 20 feet above grade to deter climbing.

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To be classified as a “wall” rather than a “fence,” the barrier must also be a continuous, non-porous construction.