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David duchovny minnie driver dating

That goes double for suburban Midwesterners who grow up to be hit men. Blank (John Cusack), in the midst of a moral crisis, decides to attend his 10-year high-school reunion in Grosse Pointe, Mich., where he reconnects with his high-school sweetheart (Driver).The pair bring enough quirk and charm to make the black humor sing.It's a film a lot like the meal they make: limited in success but lovingly made.A high-school reunion is enough to get anyone re-evaluating their life decisions — whom they married or didn't, their looks, their line of work — and ponder the person they could have been instead.Minnie Driver is in overdrive, with a just-released album, a key role in the upcoming big-screen “Beyond the Lights” and a lead in the NBC dramedy “About a Boy,” which returns for its second season this week.Minnie Driver doesn't play a lot of flashy roles, but that doesn't mean she isn't flashy.David Duchovny isn't really a romantic-comedy kind of guy, but he and Driver have breezy chemistry in this charmer.Duchovny, still mourning his wife's sudden death a year later, lets his friends set him up on a blind date, but he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the waitress (Driver) instead — who happens to be the recipient of his dead wife's heart.

Secondo is the businessman struggling to keep their traditional restaurant afloat, unable to commit to his long-suffering girlfriend (Driver). Together, with Driver's help, they gamble everything on a single blowout feast that brings them a sort of fulfillment different from the one for which they'd hoped.Instead, she's just sort of quietly great in everything.The British actress, 44, has demonstrated incredible range over the course of her career, knocking performances out of the park in everything from period pieces to black comedies to light romances. Oscar winners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon built their decades-spanning careers on the back of one great film they wrote in their 20s, about a toiling Boston nobody (Damon) who's really an unheralded genius.When he's not using that genius to secretly solve math problems at MIT, he's using it to charm Skylar (Driver), a soon-to-be Harvard grad heading off to medical school.Driver got an Oscar nomination, no doubt thanks to a wrenching breakup scene and the broken expression on her face when he responds to her challenge: "I want to hear you say that you don't love me."Stanley Tucci co-wrote, co-directed and stars in a film with a very Italian take on food, where it's not a source of physical sustenance so much as spiritual.

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