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These, by contrast, were too large, and seemingly drained of any juice before they were buried inside a pile of dry Parmesan bread crumbs.

The best oyster option here brought the mollusks fried inside a crisp cornmeal crust with a honeyed hot sauce sip on the side.

Hamilton, the Rebel Distillers Association of Pennsylvania welcomes you!Previously the sleekly lit sushi disappointment known as Haru (which had been closed for years), this onetime bank and nautical-instrument company displays a return to a classic grandeur, a wooden balustrade now regally sweeping up to the mezzanine bar, which overlooks a dining hall with soaring cathedral ceilings; tall, mullioned windows; and lipstick-red spindle-back chairs set across from black banquettes.) But at least the Little Lion, which is a nod to Hamilton's nickname in battle, uses a tart splash of apple shrub to give its rye-spiked apple crisp some colonial cred.(An ear-pummeling 98 decibels.) Our sweet-natured waitress repeated the same misinformation on our second visit, so I ordered the East Coasters anyway, but the Irish Points from Prince Edward Island were unimpressively puny and flaccid.I would have liked the char-grilled oysters better if they were anything like the New Orleans bivalves that inspired them.This 176-seat room could be transformed into an updated colonial gastropub in a wink without changing a thing - including our friendly server, whose treacle-thick British accent would have been charming if we'd been able to hear a single word.(The brûléed coffee martini called Peddler's Buzz .


Did he tell us that West Coast oysters were brinier than the East Coast oysters on the raw bar (a reverse of the usual style characterization)?

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