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Eastwick and finkel speed dating

Additionally, his work draws from anthropological data on the time course of human evolution to make novel psychological predictions.—Scholars have recently begun to harness the immense power of speed-dating procedures to achieve important and novel insights into the dynamics of romantic attraction.Speed-dating procedures allow researchers to study romantic dynamics dyadically, with regard to potentially meaningful relationships, and with strong external validity.If two participants reply ''yes'' to each other, they are a match, and the host of the speed-dating event provides them with the opportunity to contact each other, perhaps to arrange a more traditional date.Readers with no first-hand exposure to Deyo's speed-dating paradigm might become exhausted by the mere notion of going on 10 to 25 blind dates in one night.Paul Eastwick’s research investigates how people initiate romantic relationships and the psychological mechanisms that help romantic partners to remain committed and attached.One of his research programs examines how the qualities that people say are critically important to them in a romantic partner—their ideal partner preferences—direct romantic partner selection and retention.In Deyo's clever paradigm, individuals interested in meeting potential romantic partners go on approximately 10 to 25 very brief (e.g., 4-minute) ''dates'' with a series of desired-sex partners.

Compared to such social gatherings, however, speed-dating offers several advantages to participants, including the assurance that the people they meet are also interested in meeting romantic partners, the ability to give to each partner unambiguous acceptance or rejection feedback without having to do so face-to-face, and the comfort of knowing that the suffering inflicted by a bad date will be mercifully brief. As the details of his life are somewhat hazy, we use guesswork to fill in the gaps: Deyo must have long been a social psychology fanatic who delighted in those all-too-rare articles describing well-controlled studies from the 1960s and '70s in which scholars randomly assigned participants to go on blind dates with each other & Rottmann, 1966).

Later, during the 1990s, he must have voraciously consumed the scholarly literature on interpersonal perception, becoming enthralled by Nalini Ambady's research …

Fortunately, speed-dating bears little resemblance to traditional blind dates.

A better analogy for a speed-dating event is a party or other social gathering where individuals hope to meet other singles.

This article highlights the strengths and promise of speed-dating procedures, reviews some of their most exciting contributions to our understanding of the social psyche, and illustrates how scholars can employ speed-dating and its straightforward variants to study topics relevant to diverse subfields of psychological science.

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In the late 1990s, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo invented speed-dating to help Jewish singles in Los Angeles meet each other.