Egypt sex tourism

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Egypt sex tourism

However, recent developments indicate that the field of tourism studies is beginning to develop in a more theoretically informed manner, but this has not yet been matched by current publications.

The aim of this series is to fill this gap with high quality monographs or edited collections that seek to develop tourism analysis at both theoretical and substantive levels using approaches which are broadly derived from allied social science disciplines such as Sociology, Social Anthropology, Human and Social Geography, and Cultural Studies.

As tourism studies covers a wide range of activities and sub fields, certain areas such as Hospitality Management and Business, which are already well provided for, would be excluded.

Similarly, for the local man the tourist resort is perceived as a place other than his own cultural space and time and represents a modernity that is otherwise only found in the ' West'.Suggested themes to be covered by the series, either singly or in combination, include - consumption; cultural change; development; gender; globalisation; political economy; social theory; sustainability.While postcolonial tourism has generated no shortage of theoretical speculation, this book succeeds by actually conveying the voices of women and men, tourists and locals, "moderns" and "non-moderns" as they reflect upon their encounters with Oriental and Occidental "others".' Tim Oakes, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA ' This is a lucid account of tourism and draws usefully upon postcolonial understandings of the historical-socio-economic web that exists between "the West and the Rest" to understand the intricate relationships between European women and Egyptian men.Jacobs offers a salutary reminder that the longing to "lose oneself" is always problematic and never neutral, and that the desire "to leave the hell of work to a paradise of leisure" is always freighted with historical-socio-cultural resonances.' Times Higher Education Although tourism is becoming increasingly popular as both a taught subject and an area for empirical investigation, the theoretical underpinnings of many approaches have tended to be eclectic and somewhat underdeveloped.Shifting attention from male to female sex tourists, and from sex itself to the wider context of sexualised tourism and tourist geographies, it also makes a serious and provocative intervention in debates about sexuality, gender and imperialism.' Richard Phillips, University of Liverpool UK.

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' Carefully researched and thoughtfully written, Jacobs offers a rich analysis of the complexities and contradictions underlying tourist encounters between European women and "local" men in the Sinai.