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Namely, how you moved to New York six years ago and all your failed attempts at dating.She racks her brain for someone she can set you up with, all the while gently holding your arm.But she also talks about her friends without using their first or last names (which is understandable but maddening, since she's pals with people like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston).When she attends red-carpet events, she often won't take a date, or even a wingwoman. "I can duck easier." In a culture that thrives on sharing every detail of our existence, in streams of endless Twitter updates, isn't privacy something of a liability?

"If she posed in , she'd be more famous," says director Nicole Holofcener. You start on the East Side of Manhattan, at Grand Central station, wandering around and admiring the architecture.She shares a funny story about the time she and Philip Seymour Hoffman were shooting .You could argue that Meryl Streep hasn't won an Oscar since 1983 because we don't know much about her as a person.The way she melts into roles is less impressive because we have no real sense of how much she's stretching."I don't talk about things I don't want to talk about." This is truth in advertising.

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Many actors limit what they say about their children, as Keener does regarding her young son, or about whom they're dating.

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