Final fantasy vii dating guide are any of the secret princes still dating

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Final fantasy vii dating guide

Even in the High Affection version of the scene, there is absolutely nothing to prove that they had sex.For more information:~ Tifa could just as easily be embarrassed the next morning because she fell asleep with her head on Cloud's shoulder the night before.This FAQ contains brief answers to the common arguments used against Cloud and Aerith being the true couple of Final Fantasy VII and other misconceptions about the game.Follow the provided links for further detail.~ There are two different versions of this scene and the version which a player gets is determined by Tifa's affection level for Cloud as governed by the Date Mechanism.For more information: ~ There are two different versions of the scene where Cloud and Tifa spend the night under the Highwind.SE has specifically said that the conversation between Cloud and Tifa changes depending on the degree of Tifa's affection for Cloud.

Tifa had specifically asked him to recall something that she didnt know about when he revealed his past feelings for her.Therefore, Cloud had never forgotten about his past feelings for her and nothing was ever rediscovered.However, what Cloud recalls at that time is a past crush that Tifa never reciprocated, along with other painful memories surrounding his childhood relationship with her.In the Low Affection version, there is no indication of romantic or sexual interest between Cloud and Tifa.Therefore, Cloud's affection towards Tifa is completely optional to the player. There are two versions of the scene where Cloud and Tifa spend the night under the Highwind late in Disk Two, and that scene changes according to Tifas affection level with Cloud as governed by the Date Mechanism.

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It is also revealed during the Lifestream Event that Cloud and Tifa didnt know one another well as children, which means that Clouds crush on her as a child was never based on an actual relationship with her.