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Flutina dating

In other cases, items may have left the collection and have been replaced with similar items. Blaikley et al., Musical Instruments and Mementos of Musicians, being the Catalogue of the International Loan Exhibition ... For comments on the contents of Galpin Society Data and Reference Material pages and offers of further information, e-mail: [email protected]© Arnold Myers and E. Complete revision of the descriptions of each instrument is beyond the scope of this table, and only in a few cases have the authors replaced the descriptions of Anthony Baines with their own. Following their deaths, Mardah and her siblings, Sarjeno and Koran, were raised by neighbors.In 2364, at the age of thirteen, Mardah moved out to live on her own.This web page lists instruments identified in publications and documents as belonging to the museum collection of Boosey & Co and Boosey & Hawkes. (Unpublished typescript, Langwill Archive, Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments). (Duplicated typescript, Morley-Pegge Archive, Bate Collection Oxford 7/14/3, also Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments 1924R).

Keiko O'Brien frequently told Mardah that she should try to get some of her stories published.Despite the encouragement for her to pursue writing, she eventually chose to study in the field of entomology.Her career choice caused a rift between her and her siblings, who were not exactly thrilled with her job as a dabo girl.She found it amazing how much people judged others based on nothing more than their job.(") In the late 2360s, she moved from Bajor to live aboard space station Terok Nor, which later became known as Deep Space 9.

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There, she worked at Quark's, where she was employed as a dabo girl.

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