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If it does develop into a claim, the damage is done. There are two main types of claims: (a) the product never arrived, or (b) it is not as described.If the buyer says it never arrived and if you did not track the shipment, then you will lose. Either bite the bullet and refund the customer in full, or, if you have something to say to better present your company to Amazon in the long run, fill in the response form.I still get the black mark, but at least I keep the money. If the customer has a valid point, refund straight away. It is always worth taking the time to respond properly.If you sell on Amazon, sooner or later you will get an A-Z claim.

You will get nowhere with an angry response to a fraudulent claim. Put into place procedures to ensure that the mistakes are not repeated.First, consider what have you done wrong in the buyer’s eyes? Sometimes a claim is clearly fraudulent and you can see it coming.Amazon considers a claim against you as a black mark — irrespective of its merits.If you have more than one claim per 100 orders, you are in trouble and your account may be reviewed, suspended, and even closed. Your response be carefully considered, to put your side in the best possible light. It is best if you do this after you fully investigate and you have calmed down.To ensure it is actually read, you put something in the tracking number field. Leaving it blank will result in no one at Amazon reading your reply, with the buyer getting the refund regardless.

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I have found that if I politely state my position, and have a good case, Amazon will pay the refund. More often Amazon will grant the claim and will pay for it, too. Irrespective of the outcome, you get the black mark.