Free sex chat in bournemouth

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Free sex chat in bournemouth

Chris, 34, said: "It's a big deal bringing these types of parties here.

It's not like Bournemouth lacks the population of people that are doing all sorts but it is the openness. "We want to open up that discussion and want people to talk about sex without it being shameful.

"We want to get as many sex parties into Bournemouth and across the south west as possible." Chris and Jo Jo, who appeared on Channel 4's Sex Box in April, began arranging the famous Killing Kittens parties after a chance meeting with founder, socialite Emma Sayle, who went to school with the Duchess of Cambridge.

The couple from Talbot Village, who have 36,400 online followers, attended a sex exhibition and were approached to front the private members' sex club parties for the south west of England.

Last month's party at a secret cottage in Westbourne included guests aged 18 to 45 who work as schoolteachers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, actors, actresses, and models.

Chris dismissed suggestions the nights were immoral. The only difference to a dinner club is that ultimately you know you might have sex.

"Everyone is really welcoming and there is no pressure on anyone to get involved.

It is the question Chris and Jo Jo Pinto most dread.

The Poole couple hit headlines after appearing on a controversial TV show where members of the public enter a box in the studio to have sex, before emerging to discuss it in front of an audience and thousands of people across the country.Now they are responsible for bringing a famous sex party for the 'world's sexual elite' normally hosted in Los Angeles, London and Manchester to Dorset.Killing Kittens formed in London ten years ago for beautiful people to "explore their sexuality" and party members have to pass a strict vetting system including sending photographs before they will be admitted.Tickets to the female dominated parties cost £100 for a couple and £30 for single women. Women wear cocktail dresses while men wear smart suits and all wear masks."The general reaction is 'that's really interesting, tell me more," said Jo Jo.

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Last month Chris and Jo Jo hosted their first 'Killing Kittens' party in Westbourne and they are already planning their next event.

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