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Most text chat operators work out of their homes, as it is cheaper for companies to hire independent contractors than pay for office space.This means you will need to minimize any distractions and have a place where you can focus on incoming messages and be able to respond quickly without any interruptions. COM is a SEXTING platform where guys can TEXT or CALL hot girls and get pics, clips via SMS or an app. Imagination, creativity, and the ability to keep the customer engaged in the conversation are key ingredients to success as a text chat operator. - You must do both text and Voice chat when logged in.

A text chat operator has conversations with paying customers via text messages.Typically, these conversations are sexually explicit, but they can also be mildly flirtatious, merely suggestive or even cover mundane topics.Our text message marketing campaigns for businesses are an easy, low-cost and highly effective way of bringing customers back to your place again and again.SMS promotions are popular with bar & restaurant patrons, because they are direct, personalized, and offer them value.They are highly responsive, answering practically every text message they receive, and usually doing it within minutes. 97 percent of all SMS marketing messages are opened (83 percent within one hour), according to the latest cell-carrier research data.

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With such a high rate of reception, a well designed text message marketing campaign produces immediate results.

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