Funky phrasals dating

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Funky phrasals dating

If you like, you can read the conversation script on the web-page or, if you prefer, download the complete text of the conversation and the examples.

And, at the end, you can test your knowledge by trying the quiz.

Phrasal verbs are very common and are a really good way to make yourself sound more natural when speaking informal English.

They can be difficult, but here you can find out how to use phrasal verbs to talk about each of our topics.

Read the conversation VICKI: We’re going to go back to school. CALLUM: So, I got down to work and I’m glad to say I got through all my exams. So in the end, you started working, and even though it was hard, you managed to pass your exams, so then what did you do? VICKI: So after school, you continued your education at university – just like me.Check out the Funky Phrasals box to see the phrasal verbs to look out for in each topic.You can listen to conversations where the phrasal verbs are used, hear extra examples, and you can also get down to some funky music.CALLUM: Because if you want to get ahead, you need a good education! Well one way to get ahead with English is to use more phrasal verbs. For example: CALLUM:'get ahead' certainly helped me get ahead – it helped me to become more successful than other people.

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MATT: Oooooh I like this song Vicki – come on – let’s dance! And the lyrics even say ‘get down’ which means to dance. But did you get enough food in for all of your guests? MATT: And if you drink up, I’ll go and make you another cocktail!

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