Funny christian dating stories

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Funny christian dating stories

It was an expensive wait to find him but good things come to those who wait, right? Talking every day but never face-to-face was like having a penpal you fancy, living over on the other side of London. As it was, he’d never have popped up on my feed if I hadn’t been over visiting family in West London, where he lives.

And we’d never have met at all if it wasn’t for Tinder, because I lived in Canary Wharf at the time!

I knew it within the first hour of our first date in Southbank in May 2012. Seeing me at my pale and bedraggled worst can’t have had the devastating effect that I’d feared because he stayed put for the entire weekend.

By close of play Sunday we’d agreed to take ourselves off My Single Friend – who needs ‘will you be my girlfriend? Within a year Marcus and I were living together, by July 2014 we were engaged and on August last year we said ‘I do’.

‘I had recently got out of a five-year relationship and decided I needed to put myself back out there.

Note to everyone planning an outdoor date in December – a leather jacket is a warm enough option.

I ended up drinking far more than I should have, just to keep warm, and Xander had to put me on the night bus home. I felt certain he wouldn’t be interested in me and spent the following morning with my head down the toilet. ‘It was during dinner on date three with my now-husband Marcus that I broke the news. I’d treated my hunt for the perfect boyfriend a bit like shopping on ASOS – shoving lots of options in my Save For Later folder, clicking ‘buy’ on a few select items only to discover they weren’t quite the right fit. But on my first date with Marcus, when one quick glass of wine rolled into dinner, two bottles of Merlot then drunken dancing in a bar in Waterloo, I had a feeling that he was a keeper.

He owed me the grand total of £770 – the cash I’d ploughed into fruitless My Single Friend subscriptions over two years and 11 months before I finally met him – The One. The following night, despite both of us nursing stonking hangovers, he was at my house sharing pizza and chilling on the sofa.

I still cringe a bit at the fact that we met online but it’s funny I guess… In February, we managed to go on a number of dates – and we both pretty much knew straight away that we were going to be together. Looking back, I have no idea why he carried on dating me.

On one of our first nights out together, he took me to his friend’s restaurant on Great Portland Street.

From desperately (/stupidly) trying to find somewhere to meet in Soho on a Friday night, to popping out to the loo during a cinema trip and losing your date in the IMAX, or going for a casual drink in Camden and waking up in Morden, London dating is geographically difficult, socially awkward and tends to involve a lot of excrutiatingly weird hugs at tube stations. After some text flirting we decided to go for drinks, and arranged to meet at the South Bank Christmas market.

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