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Afterwards he told me he had a great time and it was the best present he ever got because it showed that I knew what he liked.It was a great night." – Alyssa, 15"One time I made my bf a picture frame, decorated it, and put one of our pics in it.We had always used his old tent to go camping before, and the roof always had to be supported from the inside so that it wouldn't cave in.He was so excited to have all new stuff that we went camping in his back yard!"I decided to cook my boyfriend his favorite dinner for his birthday.We had a nice quiet meal and he was completely surprised!He loved it because it came from the heart and it didn't cost much!

Have a friend hide the game (somewhere safe) and set up the scavenger hunt so you and your guy can both do it together." – Caitlin, 15"I got my boyfriend a poster of the first movie we saw together.It was beyond perfect." – Catie, 19"The best present I ever got my boyfriend was a camping set.It included a tent, mattress, lamp and sleeping bags." – Cynthia, 18"I took quotes from all the letters I had written to my boyfriend over the past year, along with the little things we say to each other.I arranged the quotes like a collage on colorful paper and attached a letter. You know some guys don't like to show their feelings, but he loved it!

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" – Imani, 18"I made him a scrapbook with a ton of pictures of me, him, and all his friends.