Getting values from database and validating in javascript

Posted by / 28-Sep-2015 22:30

Getting values from database and validating in javascript

The approach I used here was passing along my request and telling the database to simply update it once it has the data.

The benefit to doing this is that we are not blocked on waiting for our data.

We simply say “when you have the data, please update the response”.

This is all for my PRJ66 class which we are creating an inventory system for an actual client that our group is working with.

The next steps for me were to learn how to do the following: The first part I handled was getting my server interacting with our database.

Its looks like the following: var mysql = require( "db-mysql" ); new mysql.Database({ hostname: "localhost", user: "dave", password: "asdfa", database: "db Name Here" }).on( "error", function( error ) { console.log( "ERROR: " + error ); }).on( "ready", function( server ) { console.log( "Connected to " + server.hostname + " (" + server.version + ")" ); }).connect( function( error ) { if ( error ) { console.log( "Error on connect: " + error ); } this.query( "SELECT * FROM " + "USER" ) ).is pretty awesome in that adding additional functionality onto the core of is as simple as including a new module.Getting these modules is also extremely easy due to npm ( node package manager ).After installing npm, you are able to do something along the lines of: So to get my my Sql database working in i found a module to do this for me.

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