Government mandating circumcision

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Government mandating circumcision

Undoubtedly some military authorities have wished that this were so, but in truth, there are no requirements in any branch of American (or any other) military service that an intact recruit must forfeit his foreskin upon enlistment.

Nonetheless, some new parents have their infant sons circumcised for this reason.

(How did people get the idea that the operation is less painful for an innocent, freshly born, exquisitely sensitive infant than for a rigorously trained, battle-hardened soldier?!

) One recent medical source cites a rate of 0.3% circumcision among the Armed Forces.

Some military doctors have been circumcision zealots — as have some civilian doctors.

Some people believe that circumcision is a requirement for entrance into the military service.

Just as military recruits must wear uniforms and standard short haircuts, some people have the idea that there are similar military rules about “standard equipment” for penises.

Therefore, it appears that stories about military men undergoing circumcision must be exaggerated.

Military doctors have the duty to keep the men under their authority combat-ready, health-wise.Some of these doctors, obviously, have been conditioned to think all foreskins are health-hazards — just as do some civilian doctors.After all the purpose of the military is to protect the nation — not to defend the sacred American rite of circumcision.I am also certain that no branch of the service has ever had a policy of concerted circumcision.However, there is a high incidence of circumcision in the military.

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In most cases, these circumcisions appear to be more on an individual doctor-patient level rather than unit-wide.

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