Guilfoyle newsom dating

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Guilfoyle newsom dating

"It's a tremendous book which I recommend all the time," he said.

Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is known to most of the nation as a pioneering advocate for marriage equality, having supported same-sex unions back in 2004.

But now his ideas are attracting attention from conservatives who think his critique of big government bureaucracy could help them rebrand the Republican Party.

(AP Photo/Noah Berger)And while he’s a leading contender to be governor of California four years from now, he’s had to chase the spotlight far more often than it’s sought him out of late. Jerry Brown got in the race and blotted out the sun with his huge name recognition and bald pate.

Newsom dropped out and campaigned instead for lieutenant governor, a post he won easily.

He postponed his dream of running the state to take the job-in-waiting.

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Newsom entered the lieutenant job four years ago thinking he could work with Brown and take an active role in state government. Since then, Newsom has complained that his position is so meaningless and powerless that it should be changed or eliminated.

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