Hare krishna dating service

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Hare krishna dating service

Connect Hearts is the first professional Matrimonial Website to serve the worldwide devotee community.Srila Prabhupada once told Chitsukananda: “…you want to get married, I am not against that.We need photos of devotees with bodies of various races, ethnicities, etc. Please do two things–send your photo and the signed disclaimer (attached file) to: Krishna dasi Connect Hearts Administrative Assistant the disclaimer?Sometimes people sue over the use of photos when there was not express written permission for the use of those photos. Your photos will be used only for advertising this matchmaking site. I use to be able to chant 16 rounds a day but am no longer able to do so.You will be paid for any photo that is used on the site.Lilananda will send the money as soon as he gets the photo and disclaimer.

Of course, it is up to him what photos he wants to buy, so pick good ones! I would like to hear from devotees who have also lost their Guru-Maharaja and find out how they keep chanting 16 rounds a day. Please send e-mail to [email protected]'d like to thank all the devotees who so kindly send me help in regards to my letter. Especially since I am a stranger to all these wonderful devotees and still they helped me out. We at Connect Hearts are committed to helping you experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with a successful devotee marriage. The purpose of this matrimonial website is to bring together compatible devotees for the purpose of creating lasting, loving marriages and encourage spiritual family growth. We encourage devotees from all over the world who are seeking to become responsible couples to join Connect Hearts to find a suitable spouse.Therefore, make sure you find out a girl from our society.” This is an ISKCON Friendly Site. Photos of just a man or just a woman are useful, also.

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Photos should be obviously of devotees with tilaka, etc.

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