Hiv and dating and not

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Hiv and dating and not

(I’ll happily admit I haven’t lived if your answer is ‘always! These figures need to be read with caution, statistics can be misleading, but, let’s face it, it’s pretty damn hard to become infected, especially in first world countries, especially between men/women, especially when on medication or using protection.The “Swiss Statement” is the Bible of sero-discordant relationships.” Back in the days, when the first cases of HIV and AIDS occurred, not all transmission factors were known. Health officials were shouting and screaming for people to change their ways. And if you had HIV, you were bound to have AIDS, right? If Bella had been HIV+, Edward may not be so happy these days (mind, what does he care, he’s dead anyway. I didn’t watch past the first one.)If I were to pour my blood into your veins, yeah you should be scared.

As a result, the following statement was produced: «A HIV+ person with no other STD and following a successful retroviral treatment with undetectable viral load does not transmit the virus via sexual contact».

(translated from the French)Being undetectable is less risky than having a high viral load, by definition.

Whilst it involved men/women in stable relationships, it has been used to validate sero-discordant relationships of all kinds.

(And possibly misused to defend unprotected casual sex, too.) Of the 1763 couples involved in the study, only 1 new infection was recorded in the branch of people under treatment (27 in the other branch – not taking medication), at the very beginning of the retroviral therapy.

I knew how to reduce the risks of being infected (yeah, that served me well! Simply because it didn’t affect me, therefore I didn’t care much.

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I say it isn’t wrong because it would be hypocritical for me to say otherwise: once upon a time, I was HIV negative and I did not know that much about living with the condition.